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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What kind of paper/printer do I need to use Quick Checker?

A. You can use any type of paper, as long as it is white. If you use colored paper, make sure that when you scan the image it does not dither (that is, no speckled black dots when you zoom into a scanned image). You can use any type of printer, but a laser printer is generally better than an inkjet printer.

Q. What do I need to use Quick Checker and how much does it all cost?

A. To use Quick Checker, you need a laser or bubble jet printer (starting at around $100 US dollars), preferably a document scanner or flatbed scanner with an automatic document feeder (starting at around $500 US dollars), a computer that is less than 5 years old (the faster the better), a single user license of Quick Checker.

Q. Should students/respondents use pencil or pen to complete the forms?

A. You can use anything that makes a dark colored mark to complete a form. For pencil, you will need to adjust the luminance settings to about 200 in the recognition settings area so it is picked up better. Always do a trial run in the recognition preview area by printing a test page out, scribble in your answer, then scan it, load the image into the test preview tab and test the recognition settings by adjusting their values and clicking the apply button.

Q. Can Quick Checker capture handwritten responses such as telephone numbers?

A. Not yet, this is a new product coming shortly.

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