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CanDoTech Consulting Inc. offers many types of software development services:

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Custom Software Development

Be it a software product or a unique solution, CanDoTech can offer your company end-to-end custom software development services to make your project get off flying. Whether you are a start-up and still need to conceptualize your idea and prove the concept with persuasive visuals to your investors or you just seek to extend your in-house team to meet the tech competence, time & budget expectations, CanDoTech is happy to provide its assistance at each stage of SDLC from business analysis and prototyping to development and deployment of your solution.

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Application Development Principles at CanDoTech

  • Iterative Agile Approach to Software Development
  • Intuitive & Feature-Rich Design Patterns
  • Data & Information Security
  • Rich Front-End Development
  • Robust Back-End Integration & Uninterrupted Front-End – Back-End Communication

Website Development

CanDoTech provides end to end flexible advanced web development solutions and services. With more than 13 years of experience and technical expertise, our professional and skilled web developers build exceptional websites using the latest technologies that are reliable and resourceful.

Types of website developed

  1. CMS Website
  2. Catalog Website
  3. Ecommerce Website
  4. Real Estate Website
  5. WordPress Website
  6. Magneto Website
  7. Php Website
  8. Custom Website

Mobile-Optimized Website Development

Our web developers know everything about fluid grids, flexible images and media queries as well as responsive design concepts. If you plan to embrace mobile interaction patterns and “mobile office” solutions, CanDoTech is here to provide its web development services and to make your web property look appealing both to web and mobile users!

Start-up Software Development

You are planning to disrupt the web with the next big thing of your start-up venture, then CanDoTech web application development team is the right partner to help you hit the market! We’ll start from elaboration of your business concept, support your efforts in search for funding with prototypes, and then create the solution itself to make it go live at its best!

Mobile Application Development

Since 2005, we’ve accumulated great expertise in a wide range of vertical industries and business domains, including e-Learning, e-Commerce, Navigation, VoD and Internet TV, and many others. This know-how puts us in the position to speak the customers’ lingo, anticipate project requirements and constraints, and suggest the optimal way to achieve the project’s objectives.

CanDoTech’s talent pool of mobile app developers includes highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers who are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms — be it iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

Software Testing

CanDoTech is a team of software development professionals that is not just another assembly shop. Quality is at the very center of our philosophy that is introduced from the initial stages of the process – we start testing your idea from the first call and proceed into the development and support phases to make sure that you get the maximum ROI in your application through its fault-proof performance and impeccable reputation of your business in the eyes of end-users.

Types of Testing

  1. Mobile Application Testing
  2. UX & Usability Testing
  3. Security Testing
  4. Load & Performance Testing
  5. Data Integration Testing & ETL
  6. Code Audit & Data Migration Testing


CanDoTech technical support and maintenance services have a long and reliable history with happy customers and end users. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in emergency software production support, ongoing application maintenance and customer support. With CanDoTech application support service you will save your time and money on your software maintenance and will be confident in your application’s quality and availability.

Request a free quote and get team size, workload and budget estimates on your application maintenance!

CanDoTech Consulting Inc. staffing services


CanDoTech specializes in the career placement of Contract / Temporary and Direct-Hire / Full-Time positions throughout various disciplines.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional aspiring to make a career move or a recent college grad looking for your first big opportunity, CanDoTech has the inside scoop on the top jobs available in today’s market.

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Please contact us to get a free consultation that will help you explore the services we offer.

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