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“Proudly serving the Sunshine State since 2005”
Our operators play a pivotal role in the experience of our customers. That’s why we ensure they are trained to provide exceptional support to in a friendly and professional manner. Our bi-lingual staff can assist you with all of your business needs in the most efficient way, allowing you to expand your capacity for service without converting your office into a call-center hub.

 Toll Free or Local Phone Number  

Choose a toll free number (877, 866, etc) or a local number in your area. Add additional numbers to give a multi-city appearance, or combine a toll free and local number.


An automated attendant greets your caller (“Thank you for calling (Business). Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support,” etc.) and we’ll deliver your call wherever you designate.

 Advanced Call Routing

Never miss a call! With our advanced call routing, you can forward any caller to multiple targets, so you can ring your cell phone, business phone, even your home phone!


 Hunt Groups

Distribute calls from a single phone number or extension to multiple phone lines. Hunt Groups are commonly used in businesses with departments.

 Dial-by-Name Directory 

Instantly make your company seem larger by allowing incoming calls to reach certain extensions or people by being auto prompted by the attendant to access an extension by dialing either first or last names.

 On-Hold Music Upload custom hold music or create unique marketing messages, special offers and notifications using .wav files.

 Call Screening

Decide which calls you’d like to answer. You can block certain phone numbers, send calls directly to voicemail, end a call without voicemail, and screen calls before you answer them.

 Virtual PBX 

Using your telephone number(s) provided with your service and your extensions, create a virtual directory that allow incoming callers to navigate through your business. Enables
incoming calls to reach certain extensions or departments. This feature is completely customization to meet your business’s unique needs.

 Call Logs

View complete records of all phone usage, incoming and outgoing, within your online phone Manager control panel.View the name of the caller, the number they dialed, the time, and the length of the call.

Holiday & After Hours Special Greetings

Record your own custom Holiday greetings or after-hours messages.

 Do Not Disturb

Send callers directly to voicemail when you don’t want to answer the phone.

 Web Portal Interface

The online phone Manager interface is a web page that allows you, the customer, to manage all the options and specific features for your business VoIP phone system. Some of the features include voicemail, call history, profile scheduler and every other feature on your phone available with your plan.

 Number Portability

Quickly and easily port your numbers from your old phone service provider with the help of our dedicated porting department.

 Caller ID

We support Caller ID for making and receiving calls. You can see the name and phone number of the person calling as well as control the name that appears when you call people.

 VoIP Phones

Quality is of upmost importance with CanDoTech. With CanDoTech you are not required to purchase VoIP equipment
from us. We support nearly every SIP phone on the market, but we recommend that you consult with us before joining. We also lease the latest business VoIP phones by Cisco and Polycom at low prices.


Would you like to use your analog cordless phone with our service? You can! We provide Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA), that allow you to connect a traditional analog phone to CanDoTech’s business VoIP service.

 Conference Phones

We provide Polycom, giving you with the best conference phones on the market.



Use your computer to make and receive calls rather than a phone. CanDoTech supports many leading softphones on the market.

 Online Fax

Enjoy your free vFAX service, which enables you to start sending and receiving faxes from your computer.

 Free Greeting Recording

Would you like to use our auto-attendant and voicemail features but don’t like the sound of your voice on the greeting? No worries, we will record one free greeting for you. Just send us the script and we’ll take care of the rest.

 Enhanced Voicemail

Never miss another phone call. If you don’t answer the phone, callers can be sent to a voicemail greeting established by you. Manage messages by listening, deleting and forwarding at anytime.

 Emergency Service 911

Dial 911 from your online phone. The address you provide within your Office Manager control panel will be the address sent to dispatchers.

 Mobile phone integration

Take full advantage of CanDoTech’s advanced features on your mobile phone by connecting your voicemail from your mobile carrier.

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