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OMRQuick Checker- Optical Mark Recognition

Quick Checker is one of the very few OMR software applications that integrates both a visual OMR Form Editor and a Software-based OMR Form Reader. This tight integration means fewer complicated steps to create and scan OMR forms.

Quick Checker is also the first and only integrated visual OMR Form Editor and Reader application available for Mac OS X and Linux. Quick Checker  will simply run as a normal program – no complicated setup and no other programs or fonts needed.


  • Multiple Accounts creation
  • Create Students Roll Number
  • Student Management
  • Template Creation
  • Test Result generation
  • OMR Scanning
  • Export to File
  • Customized reports

There are many more features that make Quick Checker the right choice for your unique needs:

 wide6  Form Editor: Design your own OMR forms. Custom multiple choice set of questions, form templates can be created to collect and process response of the information provided into an easy to read data.
 computer1  Software- based OMR Form Reader: No need to buy  expensive OMR readers, our software will work with any good quality scanner. Use Quick Checker to read the answers from the scanned image files.
 applicattion  Automatic Form Processing: Immediately after scanning the data is stored to the database ready to be exported later.
 checked13  Accuracy: Quick Checker is 99.99% accurate
 teacher12  Student Management: All entered information of the students can be retrieved from the saved forms and database.
 connected22  Works in Network: Also works in Client-Server architecture. A great tool for office and workgroups.
 female10  FREE Service: Quick Checker Team provides  Free 1 year maintenance with training.
 hands21  Expanding Functionality: Quick Checker can be integrated with your existing system through JDBC database connectivity.

Ready to try out this great OMR Software?

Now that you’ve seen the basic steps, it’s time to give it a try. Feel free to contact us for a 30 days trial version.

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