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App Development Methodology

High quality apps development with Agile

CCI believes in High Quality Mobile Apps Development .CCI execute all of our Mobile  app development in Agile methodology which ensure high customer satisfaction by delivering the solutions quickly and iterative way giving an opportunity to customers to be part of the development cycle and feedbacks from customers are incorporated in the product life-cycle ensuring customers get exactly what they want.

Agile development is known for being cheaper, faster, and quicker to respond to changing market demands. Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage. In CCI we consider Agile Mobile App development as our core differentiator and takes Agile principles to heart.


Think, Innovate, Apply R&D Principles and Follow Processes

  • Strong Culture of R&D: We are problem solvers – we will research problems and solutions. We apply technologies and tools to solve problems. We create solutions that are unique.
  • Strong Emphasis on Software Processes: We emphasize and follow the software processes because we believe that is the only way to do projects right.
  • Large Project Management Expertise: Our engineers have worked on projects and products that had code in excess of 10 million lines of code and nearly 3000 man years of work. We routinely worked on projects with millions of line of codes and managing large projects is not easy and complex affair. We have capability and experience to do it.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: We are not bound by traditions. We have flexible engagement models – we create only offshore model, on-site model, hybrid engagement models.
  • Customer First Philosophy: Our success, over the years, has depended on the trust and goodwill of our customers. And, we believe that a customer is always right. We go to extra length to make our customers happy. We believe we owe to our customers that in whatever we do – we keep the interests of our customers first. We will never give wrong information, and always work in the interest of our customers.

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