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m2Flexible Stainless Steel Products

CanDoTech™ has manufactured the highest quality and widest selection of expansion joints and hose.

CanDoTech has the capabilities to manufacture in house, every major configuration of joint along with custom creations. 

CanDoTech specializes in Rubber, Metal Bellows, Fabric, PTFE and Combined Technologies

Expansion Joints. CanDoTech also offers a wide assortment of hose for a variety of applications.
CanDoTech is the problem solved solution to your complex expansion joint needs. Our team of engineers and
designers can create the right solution to best meet your needs.

We have manufacturing units in Tallahassee, Florida and Gujarat, India

We manufacture 

  Electrical Conduit Unpackedelectrical-conduit-unpacked  Interlock Tubing Exhaust / Pressuregalvanised-steel-interlock-tubing-exhaust-pressure   Polygonal Hosespolygonal-hoses
 Bellows & Expansion Jointsbellows-expansion-joints  Hydraulic Hoseshydraulic-hoses  S. S. Corrugated Flexible Hosesss-corrugated-flexible-hoses
 Safe Flame Scanner and HEA Ignition Productssafe-flame-scanner-hea-ignition-products  Oil Gun hose assly.oil-gun-hose-assly   Silencer Couplerbellows-expansion-joints
 Rubber Expansion Bellowsrubber-expansion-bellows  PTFE Expansion Bellowsptfe-expansion-bellows


Steel Plants

In Blast furnaces in Tuyere Stock high pressure hot air ducting and pipelines, in other plants i.e. Sinter plants,
Fume gases sulphur station, Captive boilers, Coke Oven Batteries, B.F. Gas, Furnace exhausts, Fume extraction
systems etc.

Petroleum and Refineries

Apart from the standard applications, the Bellow Expansion Joints are used in Pipelines, Heat ex changer Shell, Columns etc. and the FCC unites in refineries.

Cement Plants

All the major hot air ducting carrying dry cement, pre-heater, Boiler, Kiln, Hooper, Tertiary Air duct, R.A. Duct,
ESP use large diameter circular and rectangular bellows.

Power Plants

In thermal power stations piping and duct connections, Ash handling plants and Economizer, Turbines and
steam carrying ducts. In Nuclear Power Plants, usage of the bellows is much greater; example: In Pipe penetration,
Fan Isolators, Chimney Seals, etc.

Other Industries 

Chemical and Fertilizers, Ship Building, Diesel Locomotives etc. use Bellow Expansion Joints for connecting
equipment to pipelines and ducting for correcting misalignment and as vibration isolator.

Quality Facilities

We are very rigorous about quality standards of its products. It has developed many testing fixtures to test the performance of the design produced on its software.It is also backed by third party testing agencies for various specific and critical tests.Periodic calibration of all types of gauges and processes has become a working culture in Allzaflex.Testing facilities available at our works includes:
Liquid dye penetration test,
  X ray testing,
  Ultrasonic testing,
  Air jet leak bubble test,
  Magnetic Particle Testing,
  Hydro and Pneumatic test,
  Helium and halogen leak detection test,
  Vacuum test,
  Expansion joint deflection test,
  Spring rate test,
  Bellow fatigue testing,
  Burst test,
  Life cycle test

Manufacturing Facilities

CanDoTech™ believes better infrastructure gives better workability which results in better quality. It has adequate
facilities for manufacturing largest size expansion joint with most stringent quality control.
Manufacturing Floor Area 21,000 Sq Feet
Total Land Area 30,000 sq. Feet.
Electric Overhead Traverse Capacity 5 tons.
Maximum Hook Height 30 feet
Plate Roll 1250mm x 12mm
Hydraulic Press 150 tons
Automatic Forming Machine upto 500 NB
Mechanical Forming Machine 25 NB to 8000 NB and above
Die Press Fforming Machine NO BAR.(For rectangular expansion joint)
Movable Gantry 5 ton x 6 meter height.
Plasma Cutting Machine 30 mm
Field Installations  
Painting and Finishing Facilities  



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