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CanDoTech Consulting Inc. is committed to high levels of integrity at all times and throughout all levels – with our clients, employees, shareholders and in society at large. By following the highest ethical standards we can serve our clients better and build lasting collaborations. All employees at CCI follow a comprehensive, strictly-enforced standard of Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct at all times.

1. Overview

The purpose for this ethics policy is to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in business practices. Effective ethics is a team effort involving the participation and support of every CanDoTech Consulting Inc. employee. All employees should familiarize themselves with the ethics guidelines that follow this introduction.

CanDoTech Consulting Inc. is committed to protecting employees, partners, vendors and the company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. When CanDoTech Consulting Inc. addresses issues proactively and uses correct judgment, it helps set us apart from competitors.

2. Purpose

Our purpose for authoring a publication on ethics is to emphasize the employee’s and consumer’s expectation to be treated to fair business practices. This policy will serve to guide business behavior to ensure ethical conduct.

3. Scope

This policy applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other workers at CanDoTech Consulting Inc., including all personnel affiliated with third parties.

4. Policy

4.1. Executive Commitment to Ethics

4.1.1. Top brass within CanDoTech Consulting Inc. must set a prime example. In any business practice, honesty and integrity must be top priority for executives.
4.1.2. Executives must have an open door policy and welcome suggestions and concerns from employees. This will allow employees to feel comfortable discussing any issues and will
alert executives to concerns within the workforce.
4.1.3. Executives must disclose any conflict of interests regard their position within CanDoTech Consulting Inc.

4.2. Employee Commitment to Ethics

4.2.1. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. employees will treat everyone fairly, have mutual respect, promote a team environment and avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practices.
4.2.2. Every employee needs to apply effort and intelligence in maintaining these ethical values.
4.2.3. Employees must disclose any conflict of interests regard their position within CanDoTech Consulting Inc..
4.2.4. Employees will help CanDoTech Consulting Inc. to increase customer and vendor satisfaction by providing quality products and timely responses to any inquiries.

4.3. Company Awareness

4.3.1. Promotion of ethical conduct within interpersonal communications of employees will be rewarded.
4.3.2. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. will promote a trustworthy and honest atmosphere to reinforce ethics within the company.

4.4. Maintaining Ethical Practices

4.4.1. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. will reinforce the importance of the integrity message and the tone will start at the top. Every employee, manager, director consistently needs to maintain an ethical stance and support ethical behavior.
4.4.2. Employees at CanDoTech Consulting Inc. should encourage open dialogue, get honest feedback and treat everyone fairly, with honesty and objectivity.
4.4.3. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. has established a best practice disclosure committee to ensure the ethical code is delivered to all employees and that concerns regarding the code can be addressed.

4.5. Unethical Behavior

4.5.1. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. will avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions and communications.
4.5.2. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. will not tolerate harassment or discrimination.
4.5.3. Unauthorized use of company trade secrets & marketing, operational, personnel, financial, source code, & technical information integral to the success of our company will not be tolerated.
4.5.4. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. will not permit impropriety at any time and we will act ethically and responsibly in accordance with laws.
4.5.5. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. employees will not use corporate assets or business relationships for personal use or gain.

5. Enforcement

5.1. Any infractions of this code of ethics will not be tolerated and CanDoTech Consulting Inc. will act quickly in correcting the issue if the ethical code is broken.
5.2. Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1. The purpose of this policy is to have the utmost obligation to ourselves to identify and protect the intellectual properties, trade secrets and other confidential information owned by the Company and its clients or associates as this information is the key to the business’ success. We have an obligation to protect Client IPR at all times. The officials can consult legal counsel of the concerned business department whenever an IPR issue is involved and there is the need for clarity where one is not clear on the course of action to be taken. All confidential information has to be used for Company business purposes only. By Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) we mean patented or potentially patentable inventions, trademarks, service marks, trademarks, copyrightable subject matter and trade secrets. Any rights, title and interest whatsoever, including but not limited to, patents. Copyright, trade secrets and design rights, mask rights whether registerable or not, arising or created as a result of the development of and/or the application of any tangible or intangible work product or materials produced by an employee during or as a consequence of his/her employment with CanDoTech Consulting Inc., whether alone or in conjunction with others and whether during normal working hours or not, including but not limited to, any invention, design, discovery, improvement, computer program, documentation, or other material that any employee conceives of, discovers or creates during or in consequence of employment hereunder (“Work Product”) shall belong exclusively to the company.

6.2. Employees hereby convey ownership in such rights, title and interest to Company and its affiliates upon inception or development.

6.3. All Work Product shall constitute a work(s) made for hire under all copyright acts. To the extent that any Work Product does not constitute a work made for hire under the foregoing laws, employees hereby irrevocably assign all worldwide right, title, and interest (including without limitation, patents, copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, design rights, contract and licensing rights) in such Work Product(s) to Company and its affiliates. Employees retain no rights to use the Work Product(s) and agree not to challenge the validity of the Company’s and its affiliates’ ownership of the Work Product. Employees hereby forever waive all moral rights of the Work Product and any results or proceeds therefrom, even if after expiration or termination of employment hereunder.

6.4. Employees will not violate or attempt to violate the intellectual property rights, interests or title of any third party including but not limited to clients, partners and affiliates. Company shall be entitled to immediate injunctive or similar relief upon a potential or actual breach of this section by employees.

7. Information of a confidential or proprietary nature

7.1. The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent guidelines for contacts with investors/ customers as a corporate policy of public disclosure of inside information.
The Company’s confidential information is a valuable asset. This information is the property of the Company and may be protected by patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret laws. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. ensures that the Proprietary information and Non-Disclosure agreements be signed by the employee at the time of joining the Company. This agreement remains in effect for as long as the employee works for the Company and after he/she leaves the Company.

8. Harassment

8.1. The purpose of this policy is to establish and communicate the Company’s policy prohibiting unlawful harassment and the procedures for the disposition of any such conduct for the Company’s operations. CanDoTech Consulting Inc. ensures that every employee and officer of the Company is responsible to maintain a workplace free of harassment.

9. Environment, Health and Safety Policy

9.1. The purpose of this policy is to protect our environment and provide environment principles for the Company in the conduct of business.

We make our continuous efforts to make operations compatible with protecting the environment and responsible stewardship of the global environment and heritage, while supplying high quality products or services to our customers nationally and internationally.

The company is committed on a global basis, to safe, efficient and environmentally sound business practices and operations. Its our goal to achieve environmental excellence.

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